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The James Consulting Group's (JCG) focus is on personalized coaching/consulting for management and professionals whose responsibility requires effective decisions and actions that are expected to provide a desired result consistent with the individual's responsibilities, goals or objectives.
Through JCG we provide boutique personal and professional coaching/consulting services that are specifically designed to address business issues.  A critical component of our relationship is our ability to listen, be nonjudgmental and remain focused on your issues.  This is often lost within large consulting firms.

6222 Post Oak Lane, Maineville, OH 45039
James Consulting Group, LLC
Guiding business owners, CEO's and other executives to realize their greatest potential for achieving both business and personal success.
Most individuals can talk about where they want to go and, perhaps, how they plan to get there.  The question is; have they developed an actionable plan that has been carefully developed to address critical decisions?
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