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Are you facing an important situation/decision where an outside perspective could help you gain greater insight of your options?  Who can you talk to?  Where do you go for confidential help or advice?  How do you develop a plan of action that directly focuses on your issue?

Business executives, professionals, and individuals at all stages of their career, are constantly faced with a barrage of situations that require choices that can have a significant impact on their future.  How they interpret the situations, manage the decision process and implement required actions, will determine the probability of a successful outcome.

Utilizing an executive/personal coach can significantly enhance the probably of your decisions by providing an outside, fresh, perspective of the situation and helping you to identify a plan of action.   While business situations are unique, there is a strong fundamental process for understanding and addressing challenges that can be applied in almost all situations.

The James Consulting Group, LLC provides a personal and focused approach that assists you in understanding business and personal situations that require you to take action. The process helps you to develop a skillset for managing these situations and set the stage for future career choices.   
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Why JCG Coaching?
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James Consulting Group, LLC
Guiding business owners, CEO's and other executives to realize their greatest potential for achieving both business and personal success.
What choices are you facing?
Where do you go for advice?
What is your process?
What are the steps you need to take once you determine where you want to go?
  • First and foremost, it is personal/confidential; 100% focused on your issues.
  • Second, JCG brings critical competencies into the process that are fundamental to a successful career, such as career transition, leadership, training, communication skills, public speaking, confidence and the ability to develop a plan of action.
  • Third, you dramatically increase your efficiency and effectiveness in making and implementing decisions.
How do you make decisions?